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commons.sameboat.network !

a node of the sameboat network each of which takes the airport code(s) of the region it serves with this functionality:

sameboat network nodes (geonodes)

Distinguishing characteristics of sameboat as a social network:
  • Organizing principle is a rich group infrastructure serving real and virtual communities such as the geonode regions, IRC, or other group network model rather than an advertising platform or app gimmick. Classifieds/local directory are just the lead app, not the whole concept. Community or 3rd party ownership outside of the central and first 3 geo nodes.
  • Topology. Compared to other local directory networks, fewer but richer geonodes, anchored regions rather than single cities.
  • Integral mobile app extensible like and neither first nor last relative to the whole system.
  • Curated codebase supporting i18n and continuous improvement and deployed to diverged nodes preserving their local customisations..
Designed for the delight of AKPERSONs by a developer and sole owner operator ³.
COMMONS serves commons, the the dev instance, and any prebudded geonodes..
¹ Unlimited with jitsi for entitled users, external service support (in order of implementation): Zoom, Skype, others TBA.
² Generic but with personals/dating as first and type use case.
³ Minimum entitlement @ 5 工 / mo. for 4 . See AKPERSON in wiki.