Sameboat Classifieds

(this page is IT oriented)

Sameboat classifieds is the central feature of the Sameboat Local Dir Story.

While taking craigslist as a point of departure, SB classifieds isn't a network of homogeneous nodes with fixed structure repeated at each locale like craigslist. In particular the category tree, below the roots of Match, Public Market, and Social are instance specific and missing if not yet generated for a new locale. I determine the inner ring of nodes: bufyyz, seayvr, ord, and to a lesser extent, commons.sameboat by generating initial category trees to make them ready to diverge further upon demand satisfied by me or other devops users.

Commons is different from the regional geonodes as its community (IRC) is one primarily of developers and thus it will have a vestigial categorization compared to the district breakout for the regional nodes.

Additionally, various DS knowledge engineering elements will have their first production deployments here initially limited to the common system agents and support for Semantic Drupal.

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