Sameboat Classifieds

(this page is IT oriented)

Sameboat classifieds is the central feature of the Sameboat Local Dir Story.

Since the concept is to make a classifieds function available with a focus on local control of the base software, only as much as is needed to make the inner ring of nodes: commons, bufyyz, seayvr, and ord.sameboat ready to begin their customizations will be completed by me.

Commons is different from the regional geonodes as its community (IRC) is one primarily of developers and thus the text of the previous paragraph applies fully. OTOH, inner ring nodes are 3 metro regions in northern North America whose users are the general public requiring that these nodes be delivered ready for end use and no more difficult to use than craigslist up to the user customization.

Additionally, various DS knowledge engineering elements will have their first production deployments here initially limited to the common system agents and support for the D7 Workflow engine.

Status of this cluster

(change domain if not on commons)