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commons.sameboat.network !

a node of the sameboat network each of which takes the airport code(s) of the region it serves with this functionality:

sameboat network nodes (geonodes)

Distinguishing characteristics of the sameboat social network:
  • Topology, fewer but richer nodes (geonodes covering larger geo locs vs. local directory networks such as craigslist) and not a corporate monolith, rather a user developed social network.
  • Classifieds are the lead app, but local directory app isn't the whole concept. Rather, rich group infrastructure as a service for public communities such as IRC, regionally defined such as the geonodes, or other group network model is the organizing principle.
  • Integral mobile app which is neither first nor last relative to the function of the whole function system app.
  • A curated codebase with i18n for local culture dependent divergence of networks and nodes similar to the per lang wikis.
Useful for anonymous users but designed for AKPERSONs with substantial service provided for token entitlement ³.
COMMONS serves commons, the the dev instance, and any prebudded geonodes..
¹ Unlimited with jitsi for entitled users, external service support (in order of implementation): Zoom, Skype, others TBA.
² Generic but with personals/dating as first and type use case.
³ @ 5 工 / month. See Entitlements in wiki.